Community Engagement Programme

Who We Are

The Community Engagement Programme has been designed to help inform, equip and empower those who face multiple problems in deprived areas of the city, alongside existing organisations in the community. We aim to bridge the gap for clients to access services that can enable them to transform their lives for the better.

We Offer

  1. 1:1 personal support We meet informally to gather from the client the whole picture of their challenges and their priorities for change.
  2. Information of services, activities and organisations that can link the client to support and advice. The client then makes the decision to which services/activities they would like to engage with, and we offer support so they can competently access. Ensuring that they are equipped to overcome any barriers they might be facing in accessing the service e.g. supporting self referrals, steps to increase confidence/overcome anxiety.
  3. A commitment to follow up and check in with the client for accountability and further support throughout their journey to an improved lifestyle, repeating the above steps as and where applicable.

Our approach is informal and collaborative to empower the client to make their own healthy choices for change

Each client’s needs/challenges/lifestyle improvements will differ from client to client. We are able to look at the client’s issues from a holistic approach.

Referral Process 

If you are working with a client who are experiencing any of the following:

  • Lacking confidence or have anxiety in accessing services/organisations
  • Lacking practical knowledge or resources to access services (IT issues, lack of knowledge of area)
  • Facing multiple problems who require access to several varied organisations and levels of support.
  • Feeling overwhelmed or confused
  • Experiencing issues/concerns e.g. debt, benefits, food insecurity, well-being, family etc.

and are able to engage with an informal service that will support them to reach their goals then please read more about our service and complete the referral form with the client.

Referral Form  


We have opportunities for volunteers to come alongside people facing challenges and look at steps that can bring about a positive way forward for them.

If you are interested in a voluntary role within the Community Engagement programme, get in touch with Holly via